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Blessing the Arise Music Festival

Crescent Dance Project opens the 2018 Arise Music Festival in Loveland, CO.


Grand Lake Family Reunion

  Beautiful Place, Beautiful Family.


Best Colorado Campgrounds – Ruby Mountain

Do you love this landscape? Moments Photography by Julia Jennings would love to create wall art for you from this gorgeous image. Call us today at (720) 696-7007 to set up your complimentary fine art consultation.


Best Places to Visit in Colorado – Lake Dillion

If you are looking for a quick weekend trip to the mountains, try out Lake Dillion.  Lake Dillion is located two hours west of Denver along I-70.  Several towns on or near the lake provide wonderful lodging, food, and shopping.  This area also provides abundant outdoor recreation including:  lake activities, family friendly hiking and plenty of bike paths. Peak One Campground is a wonderful, well … Read More Best Places to Visit in Colorado – Lake Dillion

Why are Colorado Forests Dying?

For generations, we have lived by Smoky the Bear’s mantra “Only you can prevent forest fires.”  Not only did we get very good at reducing fires caused by humans, we became very good at putting out natural occurring wild fires, as well.  This seemed like common sense; we have homes and resources to protect.  Yet, we are now finding out that natural, frequent wildfires are needed to keep … Read More Why are Colorado Forests Dying?


The Best Places to Visit in Colorado – Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Don’t miss these beautiful white sand dunes! They are the largest in the United States and are located in south central Colorado near Alamosa. Its photographic beauty, unique geology, and family friendliness makes it one of the best places to visit in Colorado.

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